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"With great detail and passion Shawn Barnard [your guide] reveals how every article and ritual within the Tabernacle points to Jesus, the Christ. He ushers us from the distant Outer Courts, beyond the Veil and into the very presence of God."

—Jeanne Whittaker, Founder, The Tabernacle Experience

"With special attention to detail and with the care of a committed servant of God, my friend, Jeanne Whittaker, created a modern day touring-exhibit of the Tabernacle-The Tabernacle Experience. Her heart's desire was to usher each person into a deeper connection with God, by bringing to life this intimate journey through the inner courts of the Tabernacle.

Although this popular exhibit travels throughout the United States, I'm so pleased that this DVD study will now provide everyone the opportunity to experience the richness of a journey through the Tabernacle. I'm confident that viewers of this study will find their hearts transformed, just as if they had actually walked through the Tabernacle into the Most Holy Place."

—Jen Hubbard, Friend of The Tabernacle Experience

The Ark in the Tabernacle

“In the Tabernacle DVD, Pastor Shawn presents the parallel between the Tabernacle and Jesus Christ so clearly and beautifully. He does such a great job at explaining God's purpose for the Tabernacle and Jesus Christ as the ultimate sacrifice once and for all to allow us to have a personal relationship with God. I love how Pastor Shawn summarizes Session Two with saying that the unblemished sacrifice, God's merciful provision, is through Jesus Christ, and He is our sacrifice once and for all so we can enter into a relationship with God that is eternal. God is not only with us; He is also in us! God gave His only Son that whoever believes will have eternal life with Him! Shawn is dynamic and presents the purpose and fulfillment of the Tabernacle through Jesus Christ so beautifully! Pastor Shawn communicates the things of God in an easy and practical way to help viewers understand God's plan and purpose for man, and to know God's desire to have a relationship with man—all made possible through His redemptive plan. As a Bible study leader, I have been praying about the next study God is leading me to, and what type of study to do. I have had a yearning to grow closer and more intimate with God. This study seems to be the perfect answer to that prayer.

—Sue Leisenring, Women's Bible Study Leader, Capo Beach Church

"Shawn is not only a diligent student of scripture, but he has a passion to portray it plainly. In Nehemiah 8.7-8 (NIV), Israel's leaders " read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning so that the people understood what was being read." In this same spirit, Shawn brings his creative and compelling teaching style to help us understand the power and relevance of the Old Testament Tabernacle to our New Testament lives. Your church and small group will have their eyes opened and be deeply impacted by the beautiful reality of God desiring to be present with His people."

—Jeff Noble, Lead Pastor of Northstar Church in Blacksburg, VA
and Author of Super Center Savior

Shewbread on the Altar

"I can’t emphasize enough the value of understanding the Tabernacle’s importance in Jewish worship and for Christians today. The Tabernacle reveals the great promise of Christ present in this world and his presence available to each believer. This great truth is made exceedingly clear in The Tabernacle DVD. In great detail, Pastor Shawn Barnard blends clear Biblical teaching with unforgettable visuals. He takes viewers through The Tabernacle Experience’s life-size, carefully constructed replica of the Tabernacle, while revealing the symbolism of each part and the great hope we have in Jesus Christ.

"Both informative and multisensory, viewers will not only learn of the great tradition of Jewish worship, but more importantly viewers will see how each aspect of the Tabernacle points to the promise of Jesus, God’s Son and our Savior, who came into to the world for the redemption of mankind’s sin. I highly recommend this DVD series!"

—Dr. Richard Grant, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Benton, Arkansas

"No one could have predicted the incredible impact Jeanne Whittaker’s life-size rendering of the Tabernacle would have on Christians and sympathetic Jews. Visitors consistently leave the Tabernacle Experience’s replica moved beyond words after experiencing the power of these ancient symbols of God’s loving sacrifice for His people. Now that experience is rendered even more credible by the sound biblical teaching of Pastor Shawn Barnard, a student of the Tabernacle for over 20 years. On The Tabernacle DVD, Pastor Shawn’s teaching is paired with an incredible journey through the Tabernacle Experience’s replica, creating a powerful combination of truth, passion, and visual synergy. I highly recommend this series for believers and seekers alike."

—John Fischer, Author, Singer/songwriter and President of The Catch Ministry, Inc.,
an online community of Christians and the curious

"Shawn Barnard is a gifted communicator and speaker of the truth of God’s Word. I highly recommend that you let Shawn take you into the Tabernacle and show you many things that have the potential to change your life radically and permanently!"

—Dr. Alex Himaya, Founding and Senior Pastor, Tulsa, OK


Shawn Barnard in the lifesize Tabernacle Experience













Shawn Barnard has not only been introducing the Tabernacle to church groups for nearly 20 years, he also is the Senior Pastor of Crossgate Church. With a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Shawn Barnard is the perfect guide for equipping you with the information you need to fully understand the significance, symbolism, and purpose behind the Tabernacle. Learn more about him by clicking here!

This 6-session DVD-based study walks through every part of the Tabernacle Experience’s life-size replica of the tabernacle of the wilderness with your guide, Pastor Shawn Barnard. As you start on the outside in the courtyard and move inward into the Most Holy Place—into the presence of God—Pastor Barnard explains how every object of the Tabernacle draws us closer to God by directing us to the life and work of Jesus Christ.
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